Concert Percussion Ensemble

$ 700.00

a timeless world

Level: Advanced skills (PSCW)

A child's adventure through a seemingly timeless alternate world, moving from gothic to the peculiar, and from heart-pounding to the poignant end. A musical journey sure to bring forth much emotion.

All Wunderpit Music shows include Regional Exclusivity. This insures that your unit will not compete directly with another unit that has purchased the same music from Wunderpit Music in the same division or class of your local circuit.

* This show requires additional licenses. Please inquire using the Contact Form.


Marimba (3-6)
Xylo/Bells/Aluphone (can be subbed)
Vibraphone (3-5)
Synthesizer (3) with samples
Bass Guitar
Drum set
Percussion (5-7)